Guidelines of Tender

Procurement Policy

Procurement Section is responsible for purchasing of goods and acquisition of works/services to the University of Macau. Our Procurement policy is established on open and fair competition. All procurement activities are based on conformance all applicable with Government laws, regulations and contractual obligations.

Tender Evaluation

The tender evaluation is based not only on the competitiveness in price, but also compliance with users’ requirements, ability, capacity, integrity performance, reliability, quality of product, financial status, product origin, delivery, after-sale support and overall customer-supplier relations.

Type of Tender

  • Public Tender
    Public Tender According to the Macau Government Procurement Law DL No.122/84/M dated 15/12/1984, subsequently amended by DL No. 30/89/M dated 15/5/1989, procurement of the value exceeding MOP750,000.00 (for goods and general services) and MOP2,500,000.00 (for construction and engineering services) should be done with open and competitive tendering procedures.
  • Written Consultation
    Tenders of value below the aforesaid amount for public tender will be processed through written consultation. Invitation for quotations will be uploaded to the “Tender Notice” on the University website and at the same time, issued to at least 3 potential suppliers from the University’s approved supplier list. New suppliers should submit the “Application Form for Registration as New Suppliers” before bidding their tender.
  • Direct Consultation
    With specific circumstances specified by the law (item 2 of article 7, items 1 and 4 of Article 8 and Article 10 of DL No.122/84/M dated 15/12/1984), exemption of public tender and/or written consultation will be proposed, and tenders will be processed through direct consultation. Procurement Section will approach the potential supplier directly for quotation.

Submission of Tenders

Suppliers must submit their tenders before the tender closing date. Any tenders arrived after the deadline will not be accepted. At the time of submission, tender reference number and subject must be clearly marked on the envelope.

  • Registered Suppliers
    The suppliers who have already registered their business with the University of Macau in the past can submit their tenders directly to the Procurement Section on or before the tender closing date and time.
  • New Suppliers
    The new suppliers who have not yet registered to the University of Macau must apply their registration. They can obtain the application form from Procurement Section, University of Macau or download it from Web page. (For details, please refer to the new supplier application form).

Application Form for Registration as New Suppliers

Please download the application form.