Procurement Notices 採購通告

Works – Written Consultation (Request for Quotation)
工程 – 書面諮詢 (邀請報價)

投標須知 Tender Remarks
1. 競投者在投標前有義務閱讀「投標指引」及「競投者注意事項」。
Bidders have the obligation to read the “Guidelines of Tender” and “Attention to all bidders” before bidding.

2. 如有任何補充資料或更新事項,本處將發出更新通告。競投者有責任定時留意本採購通告之更新,以確保及時取得相關資訊。
Supplementary or updated information will be announced through a renewed procurement notice. Supplier is responsible to review the procurement notice page constantly for such information.

3. 未註冊為本大學供應商之商戶於投標時須附上商業登記副本、開業登記(M1)副本及本年度之營業稅單(M8)副本。
For those which have not registered as our university suppliers, please submit copies of business registration, declaration of commencement of operation (M1) and tax record (M8) together with tender submission.

4. 新供應商如需成為本大學註冊供應商,可下載「新供應商註冊申請書」,並遞交至指定地點。
To become a registered supplier of the university, you can download the “Application Form for Registration as a Supplier and submit to the designated location.
Document for Written Consulation
Contact Information
截止遞交報價時間 (當天下午五時三十分之前)
Quotation submission deadline (on or before 5:30 pm
Upload date
118396 E2澳門大學伍宜孫圖書館周邊樹木就地復壯及種植工程 Rejuvenation and planting works for arbors around E2 Wu Yee Sun Library

Person: Hayley Wong Tel.: 8822 8543 E-mail:

26-06-2018 19-06-2018
118088 N23科研大樓應用物理及材料工程研究所地面層G002c室設施改善工程 Improvement Works of Room Facilities for Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering at N23 Research Building G/F Room G002c

Person: Fred Kuok Tel.: 88224955 E-mail:

25-06-2018 12-06-2018
118356 澳門大學-N8澳大綜合體育館屋面東面及南面抗風夾具及抗風壓具之飾面顏色改善工程 Improvement works for color of wind resistance clips and pressure stripes finishing at N8 UM Sports Complex East Side and South Side

Person: Priscilla Siu Tel.: 8822 4886 E-mail:

20-06-2018 13-06-2018
117957 W11滿珍紀念書院地面層餐廳及健身室地板工程 Vinyl Floor Works of dining hall and gym room at W11 Moon Chun Memorial College G/F level

Person: Fred Kuok Tel.: 88224955 E-mail:

20-06-2018 12-06-2018
117536R 澳門大學東邊河堤燈節能及改善工程 Energy-saving and Improvement work for the embankment lightings in the east of the university of Macau

Person: Daniel Wong Tel.: 8822 8493 E-mail:

20-06-2018 07-06-2018